English Summer Camp! 2019

The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the
sails.”-John Maxwell
When we think of the younger generation, it is sometimes difficult to see them as the leaders of
tomorrow but we all know this is true. Before they get there, though, it is important to learn how to
lead and have fun along the way! Our jam packed strategy will ensure they all of our campers will learn
100% of the information while having fun 110% of the time! ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ is the theme Top
English School of Today will incorporate during our 2019 Summer Camp.
Under the Direction of Thomas Boyle, former United States Marine and native American, we will impart
skills necessary to build the foundation of leadership development and growth for Campers of every
age. This is not just a common skills and lecture camp but with activities and outdoor games as well! All
of our classes will be taught in English, and all activities will be directed in English as well. So, not only
will our campers be having the time of their lives but they will be learning English the whole time as
As a warning to all parents, your Campers will be the tired at the end of the day, and ready to tell you
about all of the new words in English they learned! Every day will start with our morning exercises, to
warm up and prepare the creative juices to start flowing, followed by a nutritious breakfast. After this
the morning classes will start, generally with outdoor sports like football and volleyball and with brain
games and arts as well.
After our morning learning and sport sessions, the Campers will migrate to the cafeteria for their lunch
time meal. After this, the Campers will begin their afternoon block of lessons. These lessons will
generally include a daily ‘Everyday English’ class, as well as leadership fundamentals classes taught by
the Director himself. During these lesson blocks we will also be teaching science, society for creative
anachronism classes, team building, leadership activities, debate club and of course swimming. Our
complete course list and schedule will be completed by mid May.
All of this will culminate to the closing day ceremony. All of the young campers will have the
opportunity to present in front of the whole school what they have learned as well as sing and dance.
Finally it is our solemn duty, that by the last day of the closing ceremony that your Campers will be
ready to step into the world with a new way of thinking ready to be the leaders of tomorrow. If you are
ready for your Children to take the next step, please contact Top English School, Today!