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English courses
The initial level of English. Vocabulary is less than 1500 words. While at this stage of learning, you can >>>

Elementary level of English. Vocabulary 1500-2500 words. By moving to this level, you can >>>

Vocabulary 1500 -2750 words. Being at this level, you can >>>

Intermediate level of English. Vocabulary 2750-3250 words. At this level, you will be able to >>>

Intermediate-advanced level of English. Vocabulary 3250-3750 words. At this stage, the student will be able to >>>

Level of effective functioning or advanced level of English. Vocabulary 3750-4500 words. By moving on to this stage, you will be able to >>>

German courses
Level A1

You can understand the simple everyday phrases needed to meet specific daily needs.

Level A2

You can understand individual sentences and frequently used phrases relating to specific aspects of everyday life

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Level B1

You can understand the main ideas and statements on a familiar topic related to work, study, leisure, etc.

Level B2

You can understand the main content of complex texts on abstract and concrete topics and the course of the discussion related to your professional activities.

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Level C1

You can understand voluminous, complex texts of various subjects and recognize the hidden components of the meaning.

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Exam preparation
This exam was created to assess a person’s language abilities who want to live or study in a country where English is the language of communication.


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This exam assesses a person who is not a native English speaker to use and understand spoken and written language at the level that is necessary for communication and study at universities and colleges.

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