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Level A2.1 Pre-Intermediate

Pre – intermediate level of English. Vocabulary 1500 -2750 words. Being at this level, you can:

  • to participate in a simple conversation – to tell about yourself, express your attitude to something, and talk about family and the weather;
  • formulate questions to understand the interlocutor better;
  • understand the main idea of the text, despite the fact that some words may be unknown;
  • write simple letters, congratulations, official e-mails;
  • recognize and use English tenses: Present, Past and Future Simple, Present and Past Continuous,  Present and Past Perfect;
  • compare people, objects, things, countries using the degree of comparison of adjectives;
  • understand modal verbs: have to / don’t have to, must / mustn’t, can / could, may / might, should / shouldn’t;
  • correctly rephrase direct speech into indirect speech (She said: “I’m busy” — She said that she was busy).