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TOEFL Training in Chisinau

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an exam required for admission to universities in the United States and Canada and employment in these countries.

Now the purpose of TOEFL has become much broader. According to its results, you can get a place for an internship in a foreign company. This test must be passed within the framework of many professional and scientific certification programs. TOEFL’s Certificate of Success will help you find a job and enter an international MBA program.

The test results are valid for two years, after which the TOEFL is retaken. The TOEFL training course is about improving english language skills and involves learning the structure and characteristics of the exam.

TOEFL consists of four parts:

  • Reading. It tests the ability of the test to take the information written in a foreign language and process it, that is, to answer questions on the text.
  • Listening. One of the most challenging stages for the subjects is hearing english and answering questions about heard stories and dialogues within an hour.
  • Writing.  To pass this section, you need to write competently in English, know the grammatical structures, and orient in style.
  • Speaking. This stage will show whether you could overcome the barrier to expressing your thoughts aloud, whether you know how to properly build phrases and conduct a monologue on a given topic.


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