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Corporate English at Top English School of Today

Corporate English is one of your company main resources for expanding business and entering foreign markets. English speaking staff is a must in order to develop your business and be internationally competitive.
Due to our experience, proven method, natural learning style and personal approach, employees of any company can easily start speaking English and use it in their work. Your colleagues and subordinates will be able to conduct business negotiations and correspondences with foreign partners, go on business trips, and represent your company at exhibitions and conferences.


Every business is unique. Your business, most likely, has its own characteristics that need to be considered when training employees. That is why we have developed a flexible curriculum system that allows you to effectively integrate the study of English into the work schedule of almost any company.

Corporate English ОNLINE

Professional teachers of Top English School of Today conduct online classes at any convenient time. Your employees can learn English anywhere and at a comfortable pace, without distracting from work.

Corporate English IN YOUR OFFICE

Teaching is based on the company work schedule, which allows you to organically fit classes into the corporate activities. Your employees can study in the morning, during the lunch break, as well as right after work, without leaving the office.


Experience proves that busy leaders need personalized schedules and dedicated attention to ensure productive learning. Such a personal approach allows management representatives to effectively learn English without interrupting the company business and their official duties.

Thanks to a thorough and transparent reporting system, you can see in detail the progress of each trainee.

We guarantee results.