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Professional training

Top English School of Today is happy to announce enrollment for a course that will help you solve all of the above and much, much more! We offer you the following modules:
Leadership Skills Development (team building, decision making, organizational skills, presentation skills, critical skills and problem solving)
Psychology (personal growth, communication skills development, conflict management, maintaining one’s identity)
Career Development (career decision making, applying for universities abroad, writing CVs, interviewing),
Mass Media and Film Production (writing skills development, computer skills – Publisher, Movie Maker),
Debate (rhetoric, argumentation, formal debate),
Advanced Conversation (with a native speaker of English).
Various activities (role plays, presentations, group projects, interviews, video-taping, working with computer applications, excursions, conversations with guest speakers) will help you practice new skills and make them part of your professional and personal skills set.

Good English required.