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The recruitment of students for intensive summer English courses is open!

We prepare summer plans in spring!

How to spend your summer usefully and fun at the same time? Surely, just by applying for English courses at Top English School of Today.

This course is a total immersion in learning environment.

The methodology is designed so that you can learn how to speak correctly and communicate confidently in English in a very short period of time.

During this course we will help you to overcome the psychological barrier and raise your confidence in your own abilities.

The pleasant atmosphere on the lessons is created for successfully implementation of your knowledge.

Special game situations help students learn new words and grammar rules in practice, therefore for successfully learning English no cramming is required.

Minimum of theory and maximum of practice provides 100% guarantee for English mastering.

On the lessons teachers simulate various life-situations.

Thus, you prepare to communicate on various topics and expand your vocabulary.

So, the process of perception English language becomes simple, fun and spontaneous!