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GERMAN language courses in Chisinau

German is one of the top five foreign languages to learn. This is not surprising, because Germany is famous for its high standard of living and culture, progressive business, flexible educational structure, unique scenery that is attractive for tourists. In addition, German may be needed not only in Germany. It is also spoken in other […]

Competent use of language

C1 You can understand voluminous, complex texts of various subjects and recognize the hidden components of the meaning. Speak without preparation at a fast pace, without experiencing difficulties with the selection of words and expressions. Flexibly and effectively use the language in public life, study, and professional activities. Clearly, in detail, and logically speaking on […]

Independent speech activity

B1 You can understand the main ideas and statements on a familiar topic related to work, study, leisure, etc. Then, explain yourself in various situations during your stay in the country where German is spoken. Make coherent messages on well-known and exciting topics. Describe impressions, events, dreams, hopes, aspirations, express views, briefly justify your opinion […]

Elementary knowledge of the German language

 A1 You can understand the simple everyday phrases needed to meet specific daily needs. Be able to introduce yourself and others, ask questions about the people around you, such as where they live, who they know, and what they own. Maintain a basic conversation if the other person speaks slowly and is friendly.  A2 You […]