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Level A1. Beginner

“Breakthrough” or the initial level of English. Vocabulary is less than 1500 words. While at this stage of learning, you can: understand and use everyday expressions, basic phrases aimed at satisfying basic needs; independently introduce yourself in English as well as others; ask elementary questions on personal topics (about the place of residence, friends, and […]

TOEFL Training in Chisinau

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an exam required for admission to universities in the United States and Canada and employment in these countries. Now the purpose of TOEFL has become much broader. According to its results, you can get a place for an internship in a foreign company. This test must […]

Preparation for the Cambridge exams in Chisinau

Preparation for the Cambridge exams for the International Certificate of English at Top English School of Today Cambridge certificates are recognized by thousands of educational organizations and employers worldwide as a confirmation of English language proficiency. preparation for the Cambridge exams in Chisinau Those preparing to pass the Cambridge exams are trained to master four language […]

German courses in Chisinau

German is one of the main languages ​​of international communication, which is actively used in education, culture, science and business. That’s why starting a German course is a smart choice. And in order to realize it, you need to take one important step – to start training in our center. Regardless of your age, language […]

Business English

We offer Business English courses for executive and business people, who use or intend to use English in their work. Key business areas covered are Business Communication and Writing, Conducting Meetings and Negotiations, Leading Discussions, Expressing Opinions and Objectives, Marketing and Strategic Planning, and Giving Effective Presentations. The course duration is 4,5 months with classes […]