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GERMAN language courses in Chisinau

German is one of the top five foreign languages to learn. This is not surprising, because Germany is famous for its high standard of living and culture, progressive business, flexible educational structure, unique scenery that is attractive for tourists.
In addition, German may be needed not only in Germany. It is also spoken in other countries: Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Principality of Liechtenstein, Luxembourg.
Today German is one of the official languages of international communication. In order to open up new opportunities in business, education, career, self-development and tourism, you should take German lessons!

Who needs German language?

Knowledge of German at a proper level is a must for students wishing to study at a European university, as well as for entrepreneurs, business leaders who plan to create strong business relations with Germany, Austria or another German-speaking country. Are you looking for a well-paid job, planning to move to a European country, just dreaming of career growth? Increase the attractiveness of your CV, new branches in Austria and Germany are opening great job vacancies that require German language knowledge.
So, German is required for:
businessmen, entrepreneurs and skilled professionals who want to build their careers in Europe; children and adults to improve their knowledge, new opportunities for communication; anyone who wants to be friend with German language for achieving their goals.

Choosing the right courses:

Starting language learning from zero is not as scary as it seems at first glance. The language of great philosophers, writers and poets conquers with its logic.

Choose your difficulty level:

In our center, German courses have several levels of difficulty, depending on the needs of those who want to learn the language:

  • for children;
  • initial basic;
  • for those who already know the basics of the language;
  • for those striving for excellence.

You can make an unmistakable choice of the desired level in a matter of minutes: contact our administrator, select the date and time, and take the test.